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3rd Millennium Speaks is a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved continuing professional education (CPE) provider.

3rd Millennium Speaks is leading the re-imagining of 21st Century education by providing strategies, tools, and activities to help teachers support students in becoming creative, collaborative, and critical-thinking citizens.

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Meet Our Presenters

Hailey joins our team with 14 years of experience working with students, families, and educators. She is excited to take on the role of supporting educators and leaders as they embrace strategies and tools to help students learn creatively and prepare our children for a bright, new future.

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Rose Acosta, Parent

  My son had Ms. Unger as a teacher. . . . He flourished under Ms. Unger’s guidance. He really did do amazing while he was in her class and surprised the heck out of me!  Anyways, Ms. Unger is a wonderful asset because she is a great educator. . . 

Jean Baeslack, Teacher

The level of rigor and differentiated instruction applied in this course confirmed Ms. Unger’s ability to be diverse in her instructional latitude by proving she is capable of delivering instruction within any area of the academic spectrum.

Farah Zanjeel, Parent

I’m a parent of student who was taught by Ms. Hailey Unger. . . She is an amazing teacher. . . .

She is kind . . . inspires positive thinking and success in life. The students are enthusiastic to learn and feel relaxed with this method.

Shannon McCombs, Regional Curriculum Specialist

Regarding academic knowledge, her repertoire of ideas for effective curriculum has proved vast and detailed.  She understands the instructional implications of curriculum decisions and components.



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