Hailey Unger is inspired to provide workshops for educators and educational leadership that will help them prepare today's learners for tomorrow's challenges. Her work in creativity and critical thinking workshops and professional leadership began in 2012 when she was tasked with designing a program to encourage creativity on her home campus in Palestine, Texas. Through activities and strategies utilized throughout the year, students participating in the resulting "Arts in STEM" classes saw a marked increase in mastery level scores on their 2013 7th and 8th grade English STAAR tests. Over the following years, Unger continued to devote time and resources into researching, designing, and utilizing activities and strategies to help her students and other educators think more originally about the world around them. She is excited to serve as a presenter for 3rd Millennium Speaks workshops, bringing with her the following credentials and expertise.

Hailey earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Houston - Clear Lake in 2007 with a focus in Humanities. She began teaching public education in Galveston County in 2008. Her public education certifications include Generalist certifications in Early Childhood through 8th grade (qualifications that certify her to teach math, social studies, language arts, and science), Reading and Language Arts certifications through 12th grade, and Gifted & Talented and Advanced Placement certificates. Hailey Unger's work in public education focused on reading, language arts, and literary analysis for students in a leading-edge "Arts in STEM" program in East Texas and the Austin area. In 2012, she earned a Masters degree in Literature from the University of Houston - Clear Lake, and in 2018 she completed a certification in Educational Leadership. All total, Ms. Unger has 14 years of experience in education, multiple degrees and certificates, and a high success rate in providing engaging and relatable knowledge acquisition opportunities for students who span ages 5 to 17.

She has worked in various levels of education and community learning, including writing curriculum for the well-known Region 13 TEKS resource center and her recent home campus in Austin ISD. While serving as an academic and curriculum leader in Austin ISD, STAAR ELAR scores improved by double-digits on her home campus. Her range of academic expertise includes Restorative Justice, Social and Emotional Learning, Standards Based Grading, Blended Learning, 1:1 Technology Initiatives, Problem-Based Learning, and beyond.



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