Process Skills: Teaching the Tools of Growth Mindset Workshop

An interactive, hands-on workshop that provides a rich array of research, tools, and strategies. Educators will leave prepared to incorporate strategies proven to increase both critical thinking and mastery-level learning skills among students.

This workshop is a FULL DAY (6 hours). Contact us below to schedule yours today!

At the end of the training, the educator will be able to….

  1. Define the meaning and importance of process skills

  2. Understand the connection between process skills and mastery level learning

  3. Understand the link between process skills and growth mindset

  4. Recognize and implement a classroom culture that encourages skills positively correlated to strong processing abilities

  5. Recognize, design, and employ pedagogical strategies and tools that support effective process thinking and problem-solving

  6. Recognize and implement strategies that help to alleviate implicit biases against process thinking and the problem-solution ideation process

  7. Design classroom lessons that strengthen process skills among students on a variety of learning levels and with a variety of backgrounds


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